The city has approved 490 new home permits

2 new business will be started locally Packard Children’s Health and Tactical Command Industries

Sand Creek 4 lane over pass at will be completed this fall

The City is considering a new library

Active Homes -144 (under 1M) the average sales price $520,000

Pending Sales – 155 (under 1M) the average price $463,000


Bay Area Home Sales Update

The number of Bay Area homes that sold last month declined again, as potential buyers continued to struggle with constrained supply, tricky mortgage availability and affordability issues. The median price paid for a Bay Area home dropped somewhat, as it usually does from July to August..Among the professional number crunchers, there’s been talk lately of a ‘new normal’ and maybe even the need to re-benchmark key statistical indicators like sales and price levels. The fact is that the housing market is still slowly moving back toward long-term norms that were thrown out of whack back during the Great Recession.

While bouncing around somewhat from month to month, a variety of market indicators are trending incrementally toward long-term norms.